combating human Trafficking through female empowerment

Stop the stigmatization of human trafficking survivor

Who we are

The Female Returned Migrants Network – FremNet, is a survivors-led association. The organization was founded in 2019 by a survivor who saw the need to support and educate other survivors, and vulnerable groups, especially women and girls at the grassroots level on Migration issues.

Our Vision

Advocating female rights [especially survivors of Human Trafficking] to encourage inclusion and equality. The female gender is the most vulnerable group in the society. There’s a high tendency that this group faces constant abuse. Our vision therefore, is to raise, inspire, educate and support women and girls, to support and educate other women out there in order to reduce to its bearable state if not completely eradicate situations which make them susceptible to ‘Gender Based Violence’. especially Human Trafficking

Our Mission

Our mission is to actively become vanguards in the fight against all forms of Gender Based Violence and other related issues which affect the woman and girl child in our local communities and adjoining suburbs.
We do this by educating and empowering them so as to foster a more peaceful society, social cohesion, and community development towards encouraging safe migration should there be any need to migrate.